VDC Coordination

We are the best at all aspects of MEP BIM/VDC Coordination

We have the skill, experience and the passion for what we do.

Not only do we fulfill a project’s requirement for BIM/VDC coordination, we represent our clients and their interests in the project during the coordination process. Our duty is to ask/resolve any constructability questions pre-construction to prevent in-field issues during the building phase, provide quality and detailed install/pre-fab drawings and save our clients time, material and money.

Our VDC (Virtual Design & Construction) benefits:

• Preconstruction VDC services provides valuable budgeting and planning data.
• When used in conjunction with BIM (Building Information Modeling, VDC can result in solid construction planning.
• Save clients’ money by improving efficiency.
• Improve safety through visual flow analysis.
• Increase productivity by encouraging information sharing and better prioritization

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